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Ironman & Hardcore Ironman

OSRS Ironman and Hardcore Ironman products for sale. All our Ironman and Hardcore Ironman products are 100% Hand-Trained and safe to use. We offer a No-Recovery-Guarantee for all OSRS products that we sell.

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What Are OSRS Ironman and HC Ironman Accounts?

OSRS Ironman accounts are heavily restricted in their player-to-player interactions.  Basically, all achievements and wealth must be gathered directly by the character itself.  You cannot trade other players, you cannot boost your character with the help of another, and you cannot use the Grand Exchange (except for Bonds).

A hardcore Ironman account takes all of these restrictions and adds one more: One Life. Basically, if your HCIM character is killed, the account is killed as well.  This adds another major challenge to the already heavy difficulty of Ironman accounts.  

What Types of Ironman Accounts do you Sell?

Grindswap mainly sells Ironman Starter accounts.  These have 99 Firemaking, or high Agility, and give you a major headstart on your Ironman account.  They also come with Crates which you can redeem for precious loot.  

We also provide Hardcore Ironman accounts. These will be labelled as Hardcore Ironman, or HCIM. Remember that these accounts are more expensive than regular Ironman OSRS Accounts, because they have the added difficulty of "Hardcore" where they cannot die in-game.

How Safe are Grindswap Accounts?

Grindswap never resells accounts from random players.  We only source our accounts within our trusted network of trainers and levelers.  This means our accounts are not subject to recoveries, and they are guaranteed safe by us.  For more information on our No-Recovery-Guarantee, please refer to our terms and conditions at the bottom of each page.

How Fast is Delivery?

Delivery is instant or within 5 minutes of payment, depending on your order size.  We have a 24/7 Live Support ready to help you with anything related to OSRS accounts.  Do not hesitate to reach out at any point in your purchasing process.

Looking for Other OSRS Account Types?

Grindswap carries a wide selection of OSRS Account types. We have hundreds of fully secure and instantly playable accounts in stock at all times. To view our full catalog of OSRS Accounts for Sale, click here.