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Buy Valorant Accounts - FAQ

What is a Valorant Account?

It is an account with Closed Beta access to Valorant.  These accounts include the necessary login information for you to access the game immediately.

What Servers Are Offered?

We currently offer Valorant accounts for the NA and EU servers.  We also offer account rentals for EU and NA servers, where you can rent an account for 24H.  

What is the Risk of Buying an Account?

These Closed Beta accounts could be banned or otherwise altered at anytime, due to the volatile nature of the game at the moment.  We make no guarantees or warranties on these accounts.  If you are concerned about the risk of a ban, we urge you to simply rent out an account instead.

How Can I Trust

It's important to be careful when transacting online. is operated by the founders of and, both of which have been in business for 5+ years.

What does "Voice Disabled" Mean?

Certain accounts have Voice Chat disabled.  All RU accounts have this restriction.  However, we find that most players use Discord for their in-game communication, so it is not necessarily a problem.  

What is the Refund Policy?

There is a no refund policy on all Valorant accounts sold at  Please purchase this product at your own risk and understand that our company relinquishes all responsibility once you are in possession of the account information.

Will this Account Work after Beta?

This account should only be used for the Closed Beta program of Valorant.  Once the game officially launches, we recommend ditching this account.

What If I Rent an Account and Buy it After?

If you wish to purchase a Valorant account that you are currently renting, you are eligible for a reduced purchase price.  Please contact us before your account rental 24 hours have elapsed to reserve the account for purchase.