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Account Stats:
90 Attack
96 Strength
88 Defence
92 Hitpoints
43 Prayer

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Once you have purchased the account we will email you the account information such as: Login and Password instantly if we’re online on Live Chat, if not we will email you the account info within 12 hours. If the account does not have an E-mail linked to it, you have to link your own email before you log in on the account.

4 reviews for 90 Atk 96 Str 88 Def Starter Main

  1. Diego Murillo

    Amazing service, Jake was super helpful. bought osrs ironman 😛

  2. Dharok Main Account

    Very good communication and a smooth cooperation between the client service and the buyer. 5* Rating.

  3. Demon Master21

    I was kind of sketched at first not just because i havent done anything like this before but because of the fact that i live pretty far away. They answered to all of my questions and were nice and helped me to set up the account and were really attentive, the best service i have ever had in osrs <3

  4. Henning Blidensol

    trust 100% ! great service! I will give it 10 out of 10 stars if I could!

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