Town Hall 12 – Clash of Clans

Town Hall 12 is one of the highest level currently available in the mobile strategy game COC. At this level, players have access to the most advanced units, buildings, and features, and can participate in the toughest wars and challenges.

When starting at Town Hall 12, one of the first things players should focus on is upgrading their existing units and buildings. This includes upgrading the Town Hall itself, which unlocks new buildings and defenses, as well as upgrading the Laboratory to research new technologies for units. Upgrading the Barracks, Archery Range, and other training buildings will also increase the strength of the units players can train.

Another important aspect of TH12 is building a strong defense. This includes upgrading walls, placing traps, and building powerful defensive structures such as the X-Bow, Inferno Tower, and Eagle Artillery. A well-defended village will make it much harder for opponents to raid and steal resources. Players also have access to the Giga Inferno, a new defensive building that can target multiple buildings at once, which can be very effective against mass attacks. Additionally, Town Hall 12 players gain access to the Scattershot, a new defensive structure that fires in a circular pattern and can target both air and ground units.

Players at Town Hall 12 should also focus on building a strong army. This includes training high-level troops such as Golems, Dragons, and Lava Hounds, as well as building strong air defenses to protect against air attacks. Building a balanced army with a mix of different unit types will give players an advantage in wars and battles. The new Bowler units are also available at this level, which are especially effective against ground troops and can be a great addition to any army. TH12 players also gain access to the Electro Dragon, a new troop that deals heavy damage to both air and ground units, making it a versatile addition to any army composition.

Participating in clan wars is also important at Town Hall 12. With a strong defense and army, players can help their clan earn trophies and rewards by attacking rival clans’ villages. Players can also work together with their clanmates to strategize and plan attacks, making the game even more fun and engaging.

Players at Town Hall 12 also have access to a new feature called the “Clan War League,” which allows clans to compete in a league system to earn rewards and climb the ranks.

In addition, farming is essential to progress at Town Hall 12, players have to be very active in order to gather resources and progress, so they can upgrade their village and army.

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