Day One Priorities As A Fresh Town Hall 16 Player In Clash Of Clans

Day One Priorities As A Fresh Town Hall 16 Player In Clash Of Clans

Unlock the Blacksmith:

  • As soon as you upgrade to TH16, prioritize unlocking the Blacksmith. This new feature offers exciting upgrades, but avoid using valuable magic items on it. Magic items are better spent elsewhere.
  • If you already have the Blacksmith, focus on upgrading it for the Laboratory. This will help you spend your resources effectively from the start.

Offensive Buildings:

  • Upgrade the Pet House, Laboratory, and Barracks right away. These are the only offensive buildings available at TH16.
  • The Spirit Fox, the strongest pet in TH16, should be your focus. Upgrading it early will give you an advantage.

Optimize Magic Item Usage:

  • Magic items are valuable resources. Prioritize them for the following upgrades:
  • Pet House and Laboratory: These should be top priorities, ideally completed on the first day. The Laboratory upgrade now takes 16 days, so plan accordingly.
  • X-Bow and Air Defenses: These upgrades have a 15-day duration but are not as urgent as the previous ones. Save your magic items for them later.

Hero Upgrades in TH16:

Hero Levels:

  • Each hero receives an additional five levels at TH16.
  • Prioritize upgrading the Queen first, followed by the Warden, Royal Champion, and King.
  • Always keep the Queen upgrading, and if possible, have one pet upgrading as well.

Managing Dark Elixir:

  • Dark Elixir becomes crucial during hero upgrades.
  • Farm enough Dark Elixir to maintain these upgrades.
  • Once the Royal Champion is done, shift your focus to the Warden.
  • If managing two heroes and a pet simultaneously becomes challenging, aim to keep at least one Dark Elixir hero and pet upgrading at all times.

Defense Upgrades in TH16:

Air Defenses, Archer Towers, X-Bows, and Wizard Towers:

  • Upgrade the Air Defenses and Archer Towers first. Merging them will make them more powerful against air attacks.
  • X-Bows should be your next priority, but their long upgrade time makes them suitable for magic item usage.
  • Don’t forget to upgrade your Wizard Towers, as they pose a significant threat to balloons.

Remember, TH16 is an exciting phase in your Clash of Clans journey. Prioritize wisely, strategize, and enjoy the game! 🛡️💪


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