Leveling up your account will take time and dedication, but what if you have more important things to do? This is where we come in. With an amazing team of players we’re here to grind for you and offer you the best OSRS power leveling service there is. Let us take care of the Grind so that you can enjoy the game.



  • Why Grindswap?
  • Grindswap as a business started in 2020 but we've offered Powerleveling since 2017 in other websites and platforms. Offering the best services and customer satisfaction is our main objective that's why we have a 24/7 Live Chat to help and assist you with anything you need. Our team of trainers is well trained and prepared to take on any task and complete it in record time by playing 12-18 hours a day at extremely competitive prices.
  • How To Order Powerleveling?
  • For powerleveling we have a calculator that will give you the price, ETA and the gold that will be needed to complete the service. First you have to select the skill you're interested in from the drop down menu, after that you have to input your current level on the skill and then the level you want to achieve with our service. Once that's done you have to click on "Calculate" which will give you the price, ETA and gold needed and if you want to proceed with the order you will be given the options to buy the product.
  • Is Powerleveling Safe?
  • We do our best to offer the best and safest service out there. We've been doing powerleveling services for more than 5 years now and have never had any issue with bans or anything else.
  • How Can I Trust Grindswap?
  • You can check our reviews on Trustpilot ( link this to our trustpilot) which is a third party reviewing website. Since 99% of the time the service does cost more than the gold that is required to complete the service, there is no point for any of our trainers to do something bad. We also always ask our customers to remove any wealth from their accounts and only leave the required amount to complete the service so that you as a customer feel safe while we complete the service.
  • Can I Log In After The Service Is Started?
  • We would encourage you not to do that for the safety of the account and since you can follow the progress of the account on hiscores.

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