What to Consider When Choosing a Genshin Impact Account?

  • Character Lineup and Rarity: Assess the included characters’ strengths and rarity. 5-star characters and high-level constellations can significantly impact your gameplay.
  • Adventure Rank and World Exploration: The Adventure Rank determines the available content. Higher Adventure Ranks unlock more challenging quests and regions. Consider the Adventure Rank of the account you’re interested in.
  • Weapon and Artifact Quality: Evaluate the weapons and artifacts included in the account. A well-equipped account can boost your characters’ effectiveness in battles.
  • In Game Currency and Items: Check for additional perks such as primogems, intertwined fate, mora, and other valuable items that come with the account.
  • Previous Account Activity: Review the account’s history, including achievements, completed quests, and progression. This provides insights into the account’s overall performance and dedication.

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