Home Village Troops

Home Village Troops

Elixir Troops:

  1. Barbarian: A melee unit with low hitpoints but high damage.
  2. Archer: Ranged attackers that target both ground and air units.
  3. Giant: High hitpoints and targets defenses.
  4. Goblin: Fast, low-hitpoint unit that targets resources.
  5. Wall Breaker: Explodes walls to create openings.
  6. Balloon: Air unit that drops bombs on defenses.
  7. Wizard: Ranged magical attacker.
  8. Healer: Heals friendly troops.
  9. Dragon: Powerful air unit with splash damage.
  10. P.E.K.K.A: High-hitpoint melee unit with devastating damage.
  11. Baby Dragon: Air unit that targets both ground and air.
  12. Miner: Burrows underground to attack defenses.
  13. Electro Dragon: Air unit that chains lightning attacks.
  14. Yeti (Yetimite): Throws ice shards at defenses.
  15. Dragon Rider: Rides a dragon and has unique abilities.
  16. Electro Titan: Upgraded Electro Dragon with epic abilities.
  17. Root Rider: Rides a giant root and boosts nearby troops.

Dark Elixir Troops:

  1. Minion: Fast-flying air unit.
  2. Hog Rider: Fast melee unit that targets defenses.
  3. Valkyrie: Spins and deals area damage.
  4. Golem (Golemite): High-hitpoint tank.
  5. Witch (Skeleton): Summons skeletons to fight.
  6. Lava Hound (Lava Pup): Air tank that splits into smaller pups.
  7. Bowler: Throws boulders at defenses.
  8. Ice Golem: Slows down defenses upon death.
  9. Headhunter: Targets enemy heroes.
  10. Apprentice Warden: Heals nearby troops and has abilities.

These troops form the backbone of your armies, whether you’re raiding other players or defending your own village. Choose wisely and strategize for victory! 🛡️🔥

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