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This category contains all kinds of OSRS products for cheaper than the original price since these products have an email linked, are pures with 2 defence, have a quashed bans or other reasons.

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What is an OSRS Pure?

If you’ve jumped in the OSRS Wilderness, you might’ve run across a pure. For those unfamiliar, a pure is a character in which is deliberately levelled up with specific stats, in order to provide an almost unfair advantage against your opponents. Typically, with pures, players desire to suppress certain skills, such as defence, prayer and hit points, in order to massively increase other skills such as attack and strength, all while remaining at a relatively low combat level. However, these pures are quite tedious to level up, as you’ll have to train your stats using unorthodox methods with slower exp rates than the norm, and also – if your slip-up by levelling the wrong skill – it’s time to start over again! For those reasons, a multitude of OSRS players choose not to build an OSRS Pure, yet they long for one.

Why Buy an OSRS Pure?

With your very pure, you can go enjoy what the stats provide. For example, if you’ve purchased an OSRS Pure account with 70 attack, 70 strength and 1 defence, you can head straight into the wilderness with your ridiculously low combat level and demolish everyone who steps in your way! Or, you might’ve picked up a zerker (a popular option for those who love PK’ing), and you can go rip through foes with an insanely high DPS. Just think about all damage you can deal to your opponents, and all the profit you’ll end up making! 

OSRS Pures at Grindswap.com

Yearn no longer! GrindSwap has a wide variety of pures for you to choose from and buy today! Since 2007, we’ve been supplying avid players just like you with cheap OSRS pures. Why not kickstart a new OSRS journey and purchase a pure for yourself?

Why Choose Grindswap for OSRS Accounts?

There’s an abundance of reasons why many players chose to buy OSRS pures from us, let’s go through a few! Firstly, we pride ourselves in our flexible OSRS pures selection. With dozens of accounts up for grabs, there’s bound to be something that interests you. However, if you can’t find the exact pure that you’re looking for, let us know! We’ll do everything we can to get that account for you as soon as possible. No pure is off limits! We strive on delivering the best service to our customers, and therefore we can do 1-defence pures, defence pures, zerker pures, void pures, mage pures, range pures, g-maul pures, the list goes on!

Our Old School RS Accounts & Safety

We source our Old School RS only from the most trusted supplies, who’ve been hand-training pures for many years, without any complications! Therefore, you can be rest assured that these accounts are 100% safe to buy, as they’ve had absolutely no botting done to them. Your safety comes first, and if you’ve got any queries regarding this, feel free to contact either one of our 24/7 English-speaking live chat agents, or email us directly at [email protected].

Choose a Legitimate Supplier

Be careful when buying a pure, as there are plenty of websites posing to be legitimate and are ready to pounce on your hard-earned cash, and provide you with botted accounts, or no accounts at all! The former of which can get you banned, due to their accounts being tainted with botting, which is definitely unfavourable. The latter of which can leave you scammed with absolutely nothing left, which no one wants! Instead of dealing with those risks, why not buy from GrindSwap, the experts with years upon years of experience? We follow specific protocols when selling our OSRS pures, which are tailor made to providing you with the most convenient experience, where you feel in control, comfortable and ready to get your account!

Before you Buy an OSRS Pure...

Before you jump into buying an OSRS pure – there’s a few things you should be aware of! A few of the accounts we have listed may have an email attached to it, and if that is the case, when you purchase the account, we’ll provide you the email details, or we’ll help you change the email to your personal email. However, other accounts won’t have any emails attached to it, and you can simply attach your own email to it and get to playing! Don’t worry if you couldn’t wrap your head around that – we’ll walk you through every step when you purchase your very own OSRS pure.

So, what are you waiting for? There are endless possibilities for your OldSchool RS journey once you get your hands on your very own pure. Browse our catalogue of OSRS pures and see what suits you! When you’re ready to make a purchase, we’ll be happy to help you get full access to your account. See you there!