What is Clan Capital in Clash of Clans?

What is Clan Capital in Clash of Clans?

The Clan Capital is a central hub introduced in Clash of Clans where clans come together to collaborate, construct, and strengthen their collective base. Here are the key points about Clan Capital:

Unlocking Clan Capital:

  • Clans can access the Clan Capital once they reach level 2.
  • Players with Town Hall level 6 or above can participate in Clan Capital activities.

Districts and Capital Peak:

  • The Clan Capital consists of a series of interconnected “villages” on a massive mountain.
  • The topmost village, known as Capital Peak, houses the Capital Hall.
  • Below Capital Peak are various Districts, each with its unique scenery and layout.

Contributions and Repairs:

  • Clan members contribute Capital Gold to repair ruins and upgrade buildings within the Districts.
  • There are no build times; constructions complete instantly once the required Capital Gold is invested.
  • Upgrading defensive or army buildings does not impair their capabilities during the upgrade.

Capital Resources:

  • Capital Gold: The primary resource used for repairs and upgrades.
  • Earned through production in the Forge, looted during Raid Weekends, and obtained as rewards in Season Challenges.
  • Raid Medals: A reward resource used for purchasing cosmetics and reinforcements.
  • Awarded at the end of Raid Weekends.

Districts and District Halls:

  • Each District has multiple ruins that clan members repair.
  • The Capital Hall level determines the number of districts a clan can unlock.
  • District Hall levels vary by district and depend on the Capital Hall level.

Collaboration and Clan Battles:

  • Clan members work together to enhance the Clan Capital’s defenses and troop capabilities.
  • Clan battles can also take place within the Clan Capital.

Remember, the Clan Capital isn’t just about construction—it’s a communal space where clans forge bonds, strategize, and prepare for epic battles! 🛡️💪

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