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2 Limited Character

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This is a starter account for the game Genshin Impact. To check our stock you can click here.

On the Genshin Impact page select your server at the top of the page and the gender (if you care about it) then select the characters that you want on the account and click search at the bottom of the page. You can also use the Easy Search option (located right above the character images) and select the SSR – Super Special Rare (5 Star Characters) that you want on the account, click search and scroll down to check all the accounts that are available.

Once you find an account that you like just click copy, join our live chat at the bottom right corner of this page or by clicking here, paste the product link in our live chat and our agents will give you the link to the product so that you can place your order.

You can also check our Youtube video that will show you how to check our stock on PC by clicking here and mobile phone by clicking here, or you can look at the product image in this page to learn how to search the website.

Limited Characters are all the characters up to Jean (the characters that have a red name on search results)